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    Ann R

    Dr. Delisca is very clear about options and step-by-step process, not jumping to surgery right away. I have gone to him for my knee and now my shoulder and feel so confident of his abilities and sincere care for patients
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    Mandi M

    Dr Delisca was amazing. He spent at least 40 mins moving in every direction my 16 yr old varsity football players shoulder. He didn't give him an injection to mask the pain, because didn't think that would help him. He recommended time off to heal. I highly recommend him.
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    Linda R

    First Dr Deliasca took care of my carpal tunnel problem with great success. Recently I developed shoulder issues and had to have shoulder reversal surgery; not only good at his profession he is kind and I think he is by far the best orthopedic surgeon in the area. His staff is also friendly and professional. I would highly recommend him. I don't think I'm am in more capable hands than his and God's.
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    jeannette M

    I have never trusted a doctor in my life until I meet this man he is not only your doctor he is ur friend and I honestly would recommend anyone to this doctor to everyone he is the best doctor I've ever meet
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    Lorrie B

    Wonderful 1st visit! Dr. Delisca was kind concerned and attentive to my needs and concerns.
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    Jeana A

    Dr. Delisca is so kind and listens to all of my needs. We are beyond lucky to have him in Rochelle!!
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    Christene Z

    Dr. Delisca performed my carpal tunnel release. He did a fantastic job and has an excellent bedside manner! I cannot recommend him enough!
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    Jesse P

    Dr. Delisca is very knowledgeable and professional, but at the same time, very personable and easy to talk to. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and does what he thinks is best for you. Highly recommend his services.
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    Marcy G

    I found Dr. Delisca after an extensive search for an Orthopedic surgeon. I had been searching and battling insurance issues for three years by the time I found Dr Delisca. I needed a total hip replacement. Dr Delisca went above and beyond to initiate that battle with me, never giving up on me. The day finally came for my surgery. He did my surgery. I was walking three hours later. I went home the next day (my choice to stay). This has changed my life, mobility, the quality of my life. I am just over two weeks post op, PAIN FREE. No joint pain, no groin pain, both legs are the same length. I didn't even have a bruise. I owe my new lease on life to the exceptional care I received by Dr Delisca and his skill set to perform the surgery on me and I am literally in better health just over two weeks post op THR than I was three weeks ago. I can't wait to ride a bike. Dr Delisca is the best Orthopedic Surgeon hands down. It's a shame there's only one of him!
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    John S

    Dr.Delisca is one hell of a cool doctor. Great personality and a great doctor.