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Total Hip Replacement

Picture of Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged cartilage and bone are removed from the hip joint and replaced with artificial components. The main indication for total hip replacement is arthritis.

Hip Arthroscopy

Picture of Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy, also referred to as keyhole or minimally invasive surgery, is a procedure in which an arthroscope is inserted into your hip joint to check for any damage and repair it simultaneously.

Hip Labral Reconstruction

Picture of Hip Labral Reconstruction

Hip labral reconstruction is a surgery that involves the use of a graft to replace the damaged portion of a hip labrum. The hip labrum is a ring of fibrous cartilaginous tissue that surrounds the socket of the hip joint.

Hip Fracture Surgery

Picture of Hip Fracture Surgery

Surgical correction of a hip fracture is known as hip fracture surgery.

Hip Cartilage Restoration

Picture of Hip Cartilage Restoration

Hip cartilage restoration is a surgical technique to repair damaged articular cartilage in the hip joint by stimulating new growth of cartilage or by transplanting cartilage into areas with defects in order to relieve pain and restore normal function to the hip.

Hip Labral Repair

Picture of Hip Labral Repair

Hip labral repair is a surgical procedure to treat hip labral tears. A hip labral tear is a partial or complete rupture of the hip labrum, a ring of fibrous cartilaginous tissue that surrounds the socket of the hip joint. These tears are most commonly seen in athletes involved in high-impact sports such as ice hockey, soccer, and football and can also occur due to traumatic injury or degenerative conditions.

Hip Preservation Surgery

Picture of Hip Preservation Surgery

Hip preservation is a surgery that overcomes the limitations of joint replacement.

Hip Reconstruction

Picture of Hip Reconstruction

Hip reconstruction is a surgery to repair or replace a damaged hip joint that causes pain and limits your movement.

Hip Surgery

Picture of Hip Surgery

Hip surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of a hip injury or hip condition. The procedure involves repairing diseased or damaged structures of the hip joint in order to eliminate pain and restore normal hip function.

Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

Picture of Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

Minimally invasive total hip replacement is a surgical procedure performed through one or two small incisions rather than the single long incision of 10–12-inches as in the traditional approach.

Primary Hip Replacement

Picture of Primary Hip Replacement

Primary hip replacement or hip arthroplasty is a surgical procedure in which the worn out or damaged parts of the hip joint are removed and replaced with artificial components called prostheses or implants that are made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. The main objective of the procedure is to relieve hip pain and restore normal range of motion and function to the hip joint when conservative treatment, such as medications, injections, and physical therapy have failed to provide desired results.

Revision Hip Surgery

Picture of Revision Hip Surgery

Revision hip surgery is a repeat hip surgery performed in certain patients to correct the problems or complications of previous hip surgery and overcome its limitations.